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PADI Rescue Diver

Challenging and rewarding best describes the PADI Rescue Diver course. This course will expand your knowledge and experience level. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this course is challenging, it is a rewarding way to build your confidence. Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Many divers say this is the best course they’ve ever taken.

Minimum Age: 12

Course Cost: $350

Prerequisites: Must be a PADI (Junior) Adventure Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

Course Fees Include:
  • 2 pool sessions & 1 open water sessions. The open water session consist of 4 training scenarios and can be completed in 1 day
  • All academic instruction
  • Use of all gear, tanks & weights during the course
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification Card (good for life)
  • Lifetime support - Call or email if you ever have any Scuba-related questions

Not Included:

Equipment Requirements: Divers should have their own Scuba gear. Rental gear is available if needed. I supply weights & tanks.

Location:Pool and Open Water (quarry or ocean)

Course Overview:
Being prepared to assist your buddy or help yourself in the event a problem arises is one of the best attributes of a good diver. The skills you will learn during the PADI Rescue Diver course will help you to build your ability to handle and prevent problems that could arise while at a dive site. You will become more comfortable with yourself and your abilities as a diver. This course is designed for the diver who wants to be able to handle an accident if it were to happen. It is also a prerequisite for those who would like to become a diving professional or a Master Scuba Diver. After you have completed the Rescue Diver Course you will have a sense of pride and accomplishment that is hard to duplicate.

The course consists of three parts:

  • Academics - The academics is self-study. You read the book, take the chapter quizzes and watch the Rescue Diver video. We'll get together throughout the course to answer any questions, review material and grade the quizzes. You complete the academic part by taking the Rescue Diver final exam.
  • Pool - We'll cover 10 rescue training scenarios, all the way from self rescue techniques to surfacing an unconcious diver and everything in between. You'll have plenty of practice time in the pool.
  • Open Water - The 4 open water rescue scenarios are conducted either in a local quarry, in Florida or on a Caribbean dive trip. The 4 rescue scenarios give you the opportunity to further your rescue skill development and learning by going through realistic practice emergencies in the open water dive environment The open water rescue scenarios can be completed in 1 day.

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