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PADI Deep Diver

The Deep Diver Specialty course offers you the opportunity of a lifetime - going deep to see things others can only dream about.

Minimum Age: 15

Course Cost: $150

Prerequisite: PADI Adventure Diver (or qualifying certification from another organization).

Course Fees Include:
  • Four open water dives that range from 60 - 130 feet
  • All academic instruction
  • Use of all gear, tanks & weights during the course
  • PADI Deep Diver Certification Card (good for life)
    Certification counts toward the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating
  • Lifetime support - Call or email if you ever have any Scuba-related questions

Not Included:
  • Quarry entry fees
  • PADI Deep Diver Specialty Manual (required) - $30
  • Transportation & expenses if open water dives are conducted in the ocean.
Equipment Requirements: None required - However, divers should have their own snorkel gear (mask, fins & snorkel). I supply the BCD, regulator & tanks. I have snorkel gear available that you can use until you purchase your own set.

Location: Open Water (quarry or ocean)

Course Overview:
Learn the safe procedures and the correct techniques to perform dives deeper than 60 feet. This course takes you on four dives (in the 60-130 foot range) so you can see not only how your equipment will perform are various depths, but how you will perform.
You'll find as many deep diving activities as there are sites & interests. Here are a few: wreck diving, photography, drift diving and search & recovery.

The course consists of two parts:

  • Academics - The academics is self-study. You read the book, take the chapter quizzes and watch the Deep Diver video. We'll get together throughout the course to answer any questions, review material and grade the quizzes.
  • Open Water dives - The 4 open water dives are conducted either in a local quarry, in Florida or on a Caribbean dive trip. During the open water dives you'll get to experience how depth effects light, color and your judgement & dexterity. The open water dives will require a minimum of 2 days

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For more information, contact:
Tim B Cochrane
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