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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Move up and experience real adventure with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. As you step beyond the PADI Open Water Diver level, you make five dives and have the opportunity to try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful specialty activities, such as deep diving, digital underwater photography, wreck diving and much more. These skills make diving much more than underwater sightseeing. Plus, the Advanced Open Water Diver course takes you one step closer to Master Scuba Diver – the ultimate non professional certification in recreational diving.

Minimum Age: 12
Please note that some of the dives have minimum ages associated with them.

Course Cost: $300

Prerequisites: Must be a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

Course Fees Include:
  • 5 open water dives from 5 different specialties, 2 of which must be Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation. The other 3 types of dives are your choice (see Course Overview for dive descriptions).
  • All academic instruction
  • Use of all gear, tanks & weights during the course
  • All equipment needed to perform each dive (underwater camera, dive lights, etc)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Card (good for life)
  • Lifetime support - Call or email if you ever have any Scuba-related questions

Not Included:
  • Quarry entry fees
  • PADI Adventures in Diving Manual (required) - $40,
  • Transportation & expenses if open water dives are conducted in the ocean.

Equipment Requirements: None required - However, divers should have their own snorkel gear (mask, fins & snorkel). I supply the BCD, regulator & tanks. I have snorkel gear available that you can use until you purchase your own set.

Location: Open Water (quarry or ocean)

Course Overview:
The course consists of two parts:

  • Academics - The academics is self-study. Deep Dive & Underwater Navigation are required dives. You choose the 3 other types of dives you want to experience out of this list - Minimum ages are listed with each dive specialty:
    • Boat (12)
    • Deep (12)
    • Digital Underwater Photography (12)
    • Enriched Air-Nitrox (15)
    • Night Dive (12)
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy (12)
    • Search & Recovery (12)
    • Underwater Navigation (12)
    • Wreck (12)

    Read those chapters in the Adventures in Diving Manual, along with the Deep and Underwater Navigation chapters, then answer the Chapter Review Questions. We'll get together to answer any questions you have and review Chapter Review Questions.
  • Open Water dives - The 5 open water dives are conducted either in a local quarry, in Florida or on a Caribbean dive trip. Each of the 5 open water dives includes diving skills related to the particular dive. For example, the Night dive contains skills relative to Night diving, while the Wreck dive concentrates on wreck diving skills. We'll log and discuss each dive following the dives. The open water dives will require 2 trips to the quarry.

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Tim B Cochrane
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